About our school

Emelita Street School was founded in 1953 and was approved to become an affiliated charter by the LAUSD Board of Education in May of 2013. As a result we have changed our name to Emelita Academy Charter. 

We are a great little LAUSD neighborhood school with wonderful kids and enthusiastic parents. We are located in Encino and have been a beloved neighborhood school for decades. To ensure that all our children reach their maximum potential, we at Emelita provide a standards' based core curriculum. Our goal is to instill in all our students critical and creative thinking skills within a community that fosters respect and responsibility. 

Emelita Academy Charter Mission:

Emelita Academy Charter provides its diverse learning community opportunities to be empowered with self-confidence, academic achievement, social development, and the joy of learning. Students will be able to master the California Standards or Common Core State Standards for their grade level.

 We are a diverse learning community that will embrace and practice the Pillars of Character by being safe, responsible, and respectful. Staff, parents, and students will serve as positive role models for academic and behavioral success.

Emelita teachers provide high quality, multi-tiered, student centered, data based approaches to improve and accelerate the achievement of all students.

Our school community supports and advocates shared responsibilities among stakeholder groups to ensure that every student is encouraged to reach their academic and social aptitudes. Parent involvement is encouraged and supported through whole school, classroom, and individual student activities.

Principal: Mrs. Mayorga

Number: 818-342-6353

Fax: 818-774-9352

17931 Hatteras St.

Encino, CA 91316